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Norska kulturrådet

How does the Nordic countries work with culture to create inclusive local communities? We welcome you to a day packed with Nordic experiences on methods for creating inclusive culture practices and communities.

The Norwegian Ministry of Culture has initiated a three year project “An inclusive culture sector in the Nordics” (2017-2019) in connection with the Norwegian Chairmanship in the Nordic Council of Ministers. The project works with identifying challenges and solutions for inclusiveness both in the professional and volunteer cultural sector. One of the focus areas is culture in local communities: how do we work with involvement and why is culture such a powerful tool in creating inclusion and empower the individual?

To answer these question we have invited to Folk och Kultur projects and examples from Iceland, Finland, Sweden, Denmark and Norway. They will share their experience and knowledge with inclusive methods and practices.

At the seminar you will meet:

The Groruddalen Integrated Urban Regeneration Project.
The project is gathering information about our inhabitant’s cultural resources, practices and preferences and initiating customized events to increase the diversity of participants and heighten cohesion and local identity.

By Neha Naveen and Karen Bøhle Aarhus

Roots and Wings - collaboration across society through the arts and culture. (Iceland)
Since 2008 women from all over the world living in Iceland have met at the library, created art works and performances together, exchanged stories and contributed to a more intercultural society.

Presented by:

Lilianne Vorstenbosch, art teacher
Zahra Mesbah, interpreter and participant in The Women’s Story Circle
Kristín R. Vilhjálmsdóttir, intercultural project manager, Reykjavik City Library

GAME (Denmark)
GAME is a Top 200 NGO founded in 2002 with a mission to create lasting social change through youth-led street sports and culture. The activities offered in less advantaged neighbourhoods in Denmark, Lebanon, Somaliland, Jordan and Ghana are a fusion of urban sports, dance, and urban culture.

Presented by: Mikkel Selmar, Director Game Denmark

Neighbourhood Yurt (Finland)
Neighbourhood Yurt is a project that maps existing neighbourhood dialogues in the multilingual and multicultural suburb of Hervanta, in Tampere, Finland. The project combines a yurt that travels around Hervanta with community art and co-created research with the dwellers.

Presented by: Artist Khalid Imran and Doctoral Student Karim Maiche

FlenWorldOrchestra (Sweden)
FVO is a successful integration project with high quality in music and culture where both professionals and amateurs are welcome. The Culture House will, through various cultural forms such as music, dance, theater, art, film and photo, engage and create meetings between people of all ages, with different national background and function.

Presented by: Anne Sjöberg, Project Leader FlenWorldOrchestra

Fredag 8 februari
Kl. 10.00 - 16.00
Lokal: Munktellsalen, Bolinder Munktell

Arrangör: Norska Kulturrådet
Kategori: Nordiskt