Dansa fotosyntesen


Viksjöforsbaletten är en ideell kulturförening i glesbygd. I bland annat EU Erasmus+ projekt är de närvarande i skolan med egna och internationella inspiratörer så att elever lär läroplansämnen med kulturella uttrycksformer.

Lärarna Helena Ehrstrand och Elisabeth Guthu leder presentationen där du bland annat kommer få se danseleverna från Viksjöfors dansa läroplansämnen, till exempel ”Dansa fotosyntesen”.

Universitet från Storbritannien, Grekland och Turkiet har i mångårig samverkan stöttat utvecklingen. Aktuella pågående Erasmus+ projekt är ArtinLan, rhythm4inclusion, MUSILIB och InclusionBySports.

Foto: Kristoffer Jäderberg

Viksjöforsbaletten has helped young dance enthusiasts achieve their dreams of being performers, and has seen many such youngsters blossom into beautiful dancers and excellent pedagogues, and conquer world stages. The school has also been extremely fortunate because the dancers that have spread their wings across the globe have come back to the school along with colleagues from all over the world in order to train the next generation of dancers. The school has also been part of exchanges with New York where the students are given a chance to train at reputed schools such as Triple Threat Performing Arts Company (Brooklyn), give classes to other students, and give stellar performances across New York (see attachment titled 'Viksjöforsbaletten åker till New York för att dansa'). 

Viksjöforsbaletten has been part of several Erasmus+ projects in partnership with countries like Greece, Cyprus, Poland, Turkey, Italy, UK, Belgium, Portugal, Finland, Czech Republic, Denmark, Spain, and Lithuania to name a few. Here is a short description of some of the projects:
- e-ARTinED: Designing school curriculum integrating various art forms (see attachment titled 'Konst för alla som medel i undervisningen')
- Multilib: a project and a Library that reinforces communication and multiculture in primary school children
-  Musilib: including music as the main medium for socio-cultural inclusion and to address multi-cultural skills for all children, migrant and non migrant alike
-  Rhythm4inclusion: using arts for social inclusion
 Artinlan: teaching languages through the arts
- Immigraton and Europe: no border no nation: Mobilising youth towards awareness of immigration and building competence for inclusion and integration.

Dansforum is an annual dance festival that takes place in Ovanåkers kommun, headed by Viksjöforsbaletten. Every year there are more and more dancers from different parts of the world that come for a residence where they create several choreographies and finally perform it on a big platform that sees world dances being presented. Over the years, Dansforum has only grown bigger and bigger. 

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(Text: Ipshita Rajesh)

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Lördag 9 februari
Kl. 12.45 - 13.45
Lokal: B-hallen, STIGA Arena

Arrangör: Viksjöforsbaletten